$33.33 USD

The Goal Getter Bundle

The Goal Getter Bundle is a package for anyone who is serious about making 2023 their best year EVER. Jump in now and save $264 or 89%.


What you'll get:

A comprehensive roadmap to set and achieve aligned goals

✨ Result-oriented NLP Goal Setting Session 

✨ Transformative NLP Visualization 

Powerful Worksheets 

✨ Yearly Reflection Notion Template

✨ 2023 Goal Board Notion Template

Vision Board Canva Templates 

 Audios that guide your through the whole process 


What you'll learn:

  •  How to set aligned goals that inspire the shit our of you
  •  The ability to achieve your goals with ease instead of forcing hustle and willpower
  •  Giving you all the tools to create AND achieve aligned goals



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*PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are not available for this program at any time of purchase.